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In January,2015 GORI have been rated as outstanding business agent as CYPRESS .

In December,2014 Wuhan office for GORI established.

In December,2014 GORI have been rated as gold medal agent as QUECTEL .

In March,2014 We have been as agent in China as MPS .

In December,2013 GORI have been rated as BEST agent as QUECTEL .

In June,2013 GORI have been as agent in China as ADESTO .

In December 2012, GORI became CYPRESS’s authorized China distributor.

In April 2012, GORI became LITEON’s authorized China distributor.

In December 2011, GORI expanded by purchasing GTE and spread to other new field.

In August 2011, Hefei office of GORI established.

In June 2011, Shanghai office established and the heart of GORI drawn close to Shanghai

In December 2010, GORI was rated as the best Ramtron distributor in China.

In November 2010, GORI became authorized CADEKA’s China distributor.

In November 2010, GORI became authorized QUECTEL’s China distributor.

In December 2009, Chengdu office of Sksyoon established.

In June 2009, GORI became AMS’s authorized China distributor.

In May 2009, Sksyoon became Discera’s authorized China distributor.

In Oct 2008, Shanghai representative office was established.

In March 2007, GORI extended business by setting up Beijing branch, which indicates our distribution network in north China launched.

On 12th, Dec 2006, GORI and Ramtron international co-hosted “Ramtron international FRAM & MCU Nanjing Conference” successfully.

In Nov 2006, GORI became Ramtron international authorized China distributor.

In January 2005, GORI introduced in ERP system which enables the company to manage purchasing, distribution and inventory better and make the organization of the company reach a higher level.

In Sep 2003, Set up HK Company.

In January 2002, Set up Beijing branch.

In Dec 1998, Set up Shenzhen Company.

In April 1998, Set up Nanjing Company.